Las Vegas – Hurricane, UT

5/13-16 – WillowWind (yes, one word) RV Park, Hurricane, UT

We arrived early afternoon after a 2.5 hr drive from Las Vegas. I couldn’t wait to get out of that town as I spent two days cooped up in his trailer (the AC and soft bed were nice and he did return every 3-4 hours to walk me) but the only wildlife I was able to find were some stupid pigeons pan handling for popcorn on the sidewalks.

My typical day in Vegas, so happy to get out of here without him going broke or in jail

 Things improved in the afternoon as we drove to the Zion National Park Visitors center so he could read about the geology of the park – he’s seems to be quite fond of rocks as I see him bagging up small specimens he collects on our walks and writing some sort of information on the bag. The only variation on this behavior was in Las Vegas where he came home with his collection already in a bag, they weren’t rocks though, rather some sort of green leafy stuff with names like “Va Voom Vegas” and“Nevada Lift Off”.

Some more rocks
A valley in Zion

He was able to walk me three miles along the paved river-side trail by the Zion visitors center. FYI National Parks are not dog friendly. They say we freak out the natural inhabitants in the park, which I’m wired to do, so they got that right, but I say I’m not any worse than the hoards of tourists that descend from the countless busses stopping at overlooks; some of those people are really freaky…that’s what I’m sayin.

Saturday saw the arrival of Sky, an 80 lb Silver Lab who arrived with his geezer master (Steve Korte, the most famous coal geologist in southwestern Colorado, and currently unemployed like most of them) to join us for a week of fun and games. Sky traveled in a Ford 150 4×4 pickup with a 19’ Airstream Travel Trailer in tow. The scene was set; two old guys with great looking dogs towing large quantities of food and beer in their mobile homes looking for adventure in the wild west. Sky and I prayed every morning that they don’t get us lost.

My new pal Sky – now we can have some fun!

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  1. Looks like you are having a blast! FYI: Nancy Morgan is in Grand Junction, CO for the next week.

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