Kingman, AZ – Las Vegas, NV

5/9 – Adobe RV Park, Kingman, AZ

A three hour drive from the south rim brought us to Kingman, AZ, home to the Route 66 Museum, a large open pit copper mine, and a old downtown area which featured open mic night at the local wine bar. He had a silly smile on his face when he came home after his visit so I’m assuming he enjoyed the Kingman’s wine offerings.

Kingman wine bar – open mic night

We spent two days here in the hot Arizona sun checking out the local geological offerings, he would take pictures and get all excited about seeing the rocks while I mainly peed on them and sniffed for small game in the cracks.

Downtown Kingman, not much activity but he found a wine bar
Springtime in Arizona
Rocks outside of Kingman, for some reason he gets excited about this

5/11 – Circus Circus RV Park, Vegas baby

The RV park in Vegas, where are the trees and bushes? This place sucks.
Why Vegas? – I thought this was a National Park viewing adventure.

 Yes, this famed, but somewhat well worn strip casino has an RV park attached to it – he was so excited with this find because it afforded walking-distance access to 345 casino-enclosed bars and restaurants not to mention the potential to pay for the entire trip with one lucky roll of the dice.

One lucky pull and it’s easy street baby!
“I’m watching you” – Joyce Bolton

Due to the Vegas law that states (and I’m quoting directly from the Las Vegas Penal Code; page 69, paragraph 2: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Not wanting to be jailed in Vegas there will be no further reports until we leave the city although there are a few photos he took that I can share.

Casino bar
“I like my sushi cooked” – Joyce Bolton
Where was this taken?
Nero’s scepter touching the Eiffel Tower – only in Vegas!
An honest man
He was bummed when they wouldn’t deliver to RV parks although the phone number was easy to remember.


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