36 Years ago today

The old man’s bachelor party, 36 years and 2 days ago . Judging by the drink glasses this was taken at the evening’s first stop, Pat O’Brien’s . The party ended with him and Korte and Truman toasting the sunrise over Lake Pontchartrain on the deck at Augies del Lago (long since reclaimed by Katrina).

Who are these people?  If anyone can correctly identify any 5 of his buddies (and one brother) you will be entered in the “Coach Goes West Sweepstakes” with the potential to win an all expenses paid vacation in the campground of your choice in our land yacht (as long as you don’t kick me out of bed).

Two days later he threw out his anchor and hooked up with Lilly Mix Wusthoff – what was she thinking?

Rehabbing in Annapolis

Why are these dogs staring at me? Maybe because I ate their food and peed on their bushes – big deal.

So the old man had his rotator cuff repaired 7 weeks ago and is in the Phase II stage of rehab (heavy drinking and eating and moderate drug use).  He’s not looking forward to stage III when the heavy lifting begins; I’m just hopeful that he’ll regain enough strength to continue our fun times out west in the spring.

Playing with Ellen’s dogs is sorta fun but doesn’t compare with chasing wild game across BLM land in Utah and listening to the old man’s fascinating campfire-side geology lectures under a blanket of pinpoint stars  (slurred speech and all).

Screw your shoulder – I’m ready to hit the road now