What are we doing in Annapolis?

This sucks, I never get to chase anything when he makes me drive the boat…I thought we were supposed to be in Montana by now.

The old man is falling apart.  After tripping while walking me across Bay Ridge Ave last March in Annapolis he finally realized that he made a stupid move by putting his right arm out to break the fall (tuck and roll is the way they teach old people to fall).

He was hoping it would get better out west but that never happened so it’s rotator cuff surgery followed by 6-9 months of intense rehab for him.  I only hope that Woody and Joyce will make sure he feeds and walks me after the surgery as he has pre-ordered some powerful semi-illicit pain killers to see him through the rehab.

We did have some fun in Steamboat Springs, CO with Ellen, Mike and Kelly over the 4th of July weekend although he left me at Ellen’s place while they partied in town (parade, rodeo, fireworks and free hot dogs were the featured activities).  He did take me on several great hikes although I had to remain on-leash due to fears that I would bolt after some game and get lost and never return – I had more fun in Utah with Korte and Sky who didn’t have similar concerns.

Nice example of Gneiss (a metamorphic rock with a banded or foliated structure…blah, blah,blah)
Me with my two best girlfriends, near Rabbit Ears Pass, CO

I’m also missing Marge, Jack, Gizmo and Cat, my Boulder, CO hosts for much of June.  I enjoyed chasing squirrels in the backyard, however I was humiliated when 13 year old fluffy-ass yappy little Gizmo actually caught one. I begged Marge not to tell the old man for fear he would tell all his friends and make fun of me (which of course he did).