Boulder, CO – Annapolis, MD

6/11 – Twin Harbors Community Beach – 10th  Annual Lilly Fest

 Editors note: Based on reports I’ve read in various doggy internet chat rooms (“Leash Laws Suck” and “Chihuahuas for Trump” are two examples – the latter one having only 2 members) Coach is having a high time in Colorado and has asked Marge and Jack for permanent resident status in Boulder. Joyce was devastated when she heard this news, however, I am confident that after a few more days with Marge he will be begging for a return to the old man and his rig.

16-LillyFest 030
The Tiki Barbarians – house band of the Lilly Fest Photo by KC Guernsey
16-LillyFest 049
Rurik, The coolest Tiki
16-LillyFest 044
Tiki Tom, making us dance with his licks
16-LillyFest 006
Andy, “what key are we in?”
16-LillyFest 008
Keith, also the coolest Tiki, on the skins
16-LillyFest 050
Andy (better known as captain volume) telling Steve to tone it down, this doesn’t make sense
16-LillyFest 045
Mike Lange makes it all happen – always on the lookout for young ladies to join him on the piano bench
16-LillyFest 040
Noah’s godfather, Jim Truman – playing one of his 20+ guitars

16-LillyFest 037

This year’s Lilly Fest was another resounding success with over $10,000 in donations made to the Parent Project for Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) on behalf of Noah. The highlight of the evening occurred when the Tikis played “Like a Rock” and “Happy Birthday to Lilly” during their last set. Woody and I could feel the love that was infused into everyone that joined in this celebration. I’m certain that Noah and his mother were listening and smiling.

16-LillyFest 052
Good times with good friends – Photo by KC Guernsey
16-LillyFest 064
This is why we lived in Twin Harbors for over 20 years – Photo by KC Guernsey







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