Ouray, CO – Marge’s house, Boulder, CO

6/4 – Ouray, CO – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, CO

Notice the leash holding me back, this is why I’m not a fan of National Parks, although my people think they are wonderful.
There is a 2,500′ canyon just beyond this tree but its hard to see in this lame photo (photo by J. Watkins).
Another adoring fan and soon to be following my award-winning blog (see breaking news below).

  6/5 – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park – Turquoise Lake National Forrest Campground, Leadville, CO

Evening view from Turquoise Lake Campground
What the hell is this guy doing in my blog? – maybe the Russians hacked in when they found out this blog has been nominated for “Best Blog of the Year Authored by a Dog”.  Be sure to watch the presentations Sunday night on Doggie TV (channel 589 on Direct TV).

6/6 – Turquoise Lake – Boulder, CO

After a morning walk around the lake we break camp and head into Leadville for a brief tour of this classic mining town. Highlights included lunch at a hot dog stand (me and the old man only); a visit to an historic Synagogue and a chat with an unemployed miner who will be voting for Trump.

A four hour drive over two mountain passes brought us just south of Denver where we visited his good friend Sue who is dealing with a gleoblastoma (the same tumor that Lilly fought 10 years ago). Sue attended the 2014 Lilly Fest and was diagnosed two weeks after returning home. Please send her some love.

We love you Sue (photo by J Bolton)

We then drove to Boulder where he skillfully backed the rig into Jack and Marge’s driveway (skillfully not my word) and unloaded me for a three week stay while he and Joyce return to Annapolis for the 10th annual Lilly Fest and Alison’s wedding. Jack and Marge have a great dog (Gizmo) and a fenced yard with plenty of squirrels to chase. This will be a fun visit and as long as they feed me on time and let me hang on their couches during the day.



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