Green River, UT – Hatch Point Campground, UT

5/21 – Shady Acres RV Park, Green River, UT

I’m ready to roll while he’s doing his final check of the rig – I sure hope nothing flies off this time (current count of missing equipment = 1 side mirror extension and a sewer hose).

Steve’s son Cole was camping with his geology field class at the Green River KOA so we stayed the night next door at the Shady Acres RV Park, a very unassuming plot of ground with electricity, water and a hole in the ground to dump your poop from the holding tank (just like a pump out boat for all you nautical types but no pump required).

Steve and Sky will head home tomorrow and we continue on to Moab, UT for some big town living, relatively speaking.

5/22-24 – Slickrock RV Park, Moab, UT

I don’t like city RV parks (see how close our neighbor is behind me) but at least I get to eat on the table

 This city RV Park is not very exciting. We opted for the least expensive space with no hookups and neighbors 18” from the picnic table. He said it’s ok as we were within walking distance of three microbreweries and a good Italian restaurant. I wasn’t invited to either of the above so there will be no reporting on his activities inside the establishments. I think it’s safe to say he mostly ate, drank, watched sports on TV and made the female patrons within conversation distance nervous.

The next morning we drove the few miles to Arches National Park which increases the credibility of this adventure as it’s the sixth national park and there hasn’t been a Walmart sighting in weeks; also no RV repair shops as well.

Note the tourist hoards center right


Is this a Hoodoo in Arches or did he make another side trip to Egypt?



I enjoyed this water hole at the end of a 2.5 mile hike.

5/24-7 – Hatch Point Campground, Canyon Rim Area, UT

Sunset at Hatch Point – photo taken from our camp site

We escape the big city (Moab) and head south to Canyon Rim country between Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. This place is a significant upgrade from Slickrock RV Park in Moab…we share this BLM campground with one other camper and our site is perched above and flat wide valley springing to life with wild flowers. A 200-yard walk over the slickrock (why do they call it slickrock, he asks, when it’s medium grained sandstone with a grip like sandpaper? – this is one of his old man rants that fortunately doesn’t offend most people, although it does annoy his camping companions, but that’s another story).

Out for a walk on the slickrock, it’s actually not slick at all, more like walking on fine grained sandpaper.
Three old men on slickrock – Steve Schultz (to his right) and Rick Thompson (taking the photo) at Hatch Point Campground. Steve and Rick have been camping together in southeast Utah most every year since 1976, now I know why. (note the goofy hats)
He didn’t have a picture of Rick to post so he took this photo of his flip flop next to Rick’s size 13 shoe (we still call him by his college nick name “Large”
I’m getting ready to pee on a 20 million year old petrified tree trunk – bet you can’t do this back in Annapolis, Chessie
Nice anticline in southern Utah
Another Arch in Arches
Springtime in cactus country
A baby rattlesnake, he told me to avoid chasing these things and I will obey him this one time.
Notice the light colored limestone capping the Navajo Formation (once again he may be making this geology stuff up for all I know).
More cactus flowers



Today was a very sad day for me and my friend Ellen as my Uncle Jack suddenly moved on to doggy heaven back in Pennsylvania.

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  1. So sorry for your loss Coach. I’m sure you will one day be reunited at the rainbow bridge.

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