Peak’s Place – Tucson, AZ (address redacted at the owners request)

We arrived late afternoon after an uneventful drive from Silver City. Gordon and Lisa live in a community that prohibits RV parking (they have always been rather snobbish so this does not surprise us). Gordon has lined me up a nice inexpensive space in a state park 6 miles from his home so we dropped the trailer off and headed to his house for the beginning of 5 days of eating, drinking, happy houring, napping and an occasional walk around his neighborhood just so I could do my business outside his yard. As Gordon is originally from Canada we also watched some hockey on his computer and at the happy hour bar. Not his favorite sport but he and Lisa are great cooks and they let the old man nap anytime he wanted so it was a great visit.

Typical day at the Peaks – Wooby to my left

As previously mentioned, I made two new doggy friends, Weezie and Wooby, a combined 210 years of age in person terms and they can still get it on (walking and eating that is).

Happy Hour in Tucson – notice Gordon’s empty glass, he’s a real pro
Vickers Viscount – very popular turbo prop in the 1960’s
TWA Constellation – piston driven and popular in the 1950’s

The photos above was taken by the old man during a visit to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, he said he used to fly on a Viscount like the one above from Beirut to Baghdad and on to Basra in 1960-61 when he lived in Beirut and his father lived and worked in Iraq. The top photo is a TWA Constellation which he flew from Pittsburg to San Francisco during his college days. Boy is he old, I just hope he doesn’t keel over while we’re on this trip.

He took advantage of the extended stay in Tucson by checking the trailer into another RV repair shop for some upgrades. He had the solar panel installed (solar panel courtesy of Andy of Annapolis) and purchased a backup camera as there have been some hairy moments on the I-10 when he wished he knew what was behind us.

New score: RV shops: 3; tire stores: 1; National Parks: 1.

2 thoughts on “Peak’s Place – Tucson, AZ (address redacted at the owners request)”

  1. Hey Coach,
    What’s your current location? Your owner left without paying the bill and took all the soap from the shower..!
    Not bad though, you’ve been gone from Annapolis for over a month and have actually been in two National Parks. Be sure to let us know how you liked Las Vegas.

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